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Keep Your Medicare Options Open

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is the only health insurance company that keeps your Medicare coverage options open for 36 months.

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina offers a unique guarantee that lets you switch from a BlueCross Medicare Advantage plan to a BlueCross Medicare Supplement plan without being subject to medical underwriting for the first three years you are on a BlueCross Medicare Advantage plan, helping keep your Medicare options open.

This guarantee lets you change your coverage as your health care needs change.

When you are new to Medicare, just turning 65, or retiring and leaving your employer’s group coverage, you have six months to choose a Medicare Supplement plan. During this time, all insurance carriers must cover any pre-existing conditions you have. You don’t need to get a physical or provide your medical records to get full coverage.

Guaranteed Issue Rights

You cannot be turned down or rated at a higher premium for pre-existing health conditions. You will be completely covered without risk of a rate increase. That is the definition of guaranteed issue rights. 

If you are within your first year on Medicare and you selected a Medicare Advantage plan but have changed your mind, any carrier will accept you into its Medicare Supplement plan during your first 12 months of coverage. Only BlueCross extends that 12-month period to 36 months.

That’s right!

BlueCross triples your trial rights to give you the most peace of mind and flexibility. If you choose a carrier other than BlueCross for your Medicare Advantage plan, there are many cases where, after 12 months, the carrier might deny you the comprehensive coverage of a Medicare Supplement plan. These might include a recent history of a heart attack or heart surgery, stroke, cancer, or dementia.

You might be denied if you have diabetes and are taking more than 50 units of insulin, have a high body mass index, or even if you need a medical procedure like cataract or knee surgery. Only BlueCross lets you switch for a full 36 months without medical underwriting.

Medicare Options with BlueCross

BlueCross gives you more flexibility than any other carrier in South Carolina. When you choose a BlueCross Medicare Advantage plan when you are new to Medicare, you get 36 months to try it out, not 12.

You can try BlueCross Medicare Advantage at age 65 and then increase your level of coverage to a BlueCross Medicare Supplement plan during the next Medicare-approved election period for three full years. Only BlueCross gives you peace of mind with that kind of flexibility.

Keeping your coverage options open is important as you age. Choosing a BlueCross Medicare Advantage plan when you are new to Medicare ensures you have Medicare options for a full three years.

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